How Can Your Kids Make Their Own Story?


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To help kids write their own stories, consider prompting them with several details to get them started. For example, suggest a character type, setting or situation, and then ask the child to add to them. Similarly, one can present the child with three unlike elements, such as a superhero, a train, and a storm, and instruct her to thread the pieces into a plot line.

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In writing their first stories, children often benefit from stories they already know. The parent can easily refer to a classic tale, such as "Cinderella" or "Little Red Riding Hood," and ask the child what happens after the conventional story ends. For instance, once the fairy godmother finishes helping Cinderella, who does she help next? Yet another tool is to begin with family outings, such as a party or a vacation, and to ask the child to embellish with variations or fantastic alternative events.

If the child is a visual learner or inclined to art, consider adding a drawing element to her storytelling. This may help her better visualize the characters and setting, thus sparking the imagination. Additionally, the child can use drawings or sticky notes to form a storyboard, a visual outline organizing time and events into an effective order. When the child is finished, have her read it back to you, and turn it into a book with illustrations, a title page and author name for future readings.

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