How Can Kids Make Money?


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There are dozens of ways that kids can earn money. They can clean homes, clean cars, babysit, watch people's homes while they are out of town, do repair work, do hair, paint nails, fix broken appliances, watch animals for people and countless other jobs.

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Entrepreneurial kids can find many ways to earn cash. In addition to having their own money, children also learn important financial lessons early in life, such as budgeting, saving and developing wise spending practices. Parents should encourage their kids to seek out avenues for generating income while supervising their little ones’ endeavors to ensure their safety.

The ways in which kids can earn money depend on their age. Younger, school-aged children can earn money doing light cleaning or assisting with tasks around the home. Preteens and teenagers can take on bigger jobs, such as babysitting, helping with big jobs around the house, such as painting or installing equipment, selling candy at school or to neighbors, making colorful designs on popular footwear or clothing, creating portraits or caricatures, or creating a band and finding gigs in the local area. Adults should still supervise the activities of older children and should instruct them on responsible spending practices to prepare them for adulthood.

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