Where Can You Find Information About Helping Kids Get Past Their Fears?


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Parents can access websites, such as KidsHealth, WebMD and Hand in Hand Parenting to find support and information to help their children overcome their fears. Fears in children are natural and change as they grow, as noted by KidsHealth.

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KidsHealth provides parents with signs of anxiety to look for in their children, as well as how to distinguish between anxieties, fears and phobias and the treatment for each. It advises parents to accept that their child's fears are real without criticizing or encouraging them. Parents should encourage their children to rank their fears and provide safe methods to eliminate them.

Hand in Hand Parenting offers information on why children have fears, what those fears are and how to help them overcome them. The site provides a variety of parenting tools, such as self-guided classes, booklets and podcasts.

WebMD explains the different sides of childhood fears and lists some of the common fears and anxieties children have from different ages. It lists strangers and loud noises, as well as parental separation a common fear in infants, and it lists dogs, the dark and monsters as the main fear in preschoolers. The site offers ways to ease the fears of the child with helpful advice from top psychology professors such as Dr. Kristin Lagattuta.

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