How Can Individuals Sign Over Their Parental Rights?

can-individuals-sign-over-parental-rights Credit: Tim Klein/The Image Bank/Getty Images

The best way for individuals to sign over their parental rights is to talk to an attorney, so they can file a petition with the court. Signing over parental rights is a serious action that cannot be reversed, but the court will always focus on the best interests of the child before granting a parent a termination of rights.

People should contact an experienced family lawyer to go over the options of child custody, according to the Utah Court System. An attorney can assist the parent in filling a petition in the state where the child has lived for the last six months. In the case of an infant who is younger than six months, the parent would file a petition in the state the child was born and has lived since birth. The proper forms can be obtained from an attorney or from the local district court.

Once the forms have been filled out and they have been filed with the court, the clerk of the court will schedule a hearing. Both parents will receive a notice of the hearing at least 10 days before the proceedings take place, according to the Utah Courts.

At the hearing, the judge will ask questions concerning the relinquishment of rights. Some things the judge will consider are the relationship between the parent and child, the child’s wishes, whether or not the mother was abandoned during pregnancy or after childbirth and whether or not the child is in danger with the parent. If the judge accepts the request, the individual will sign a Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights.