How Can You Improve Your Parenting Skills?

How Can You Improve Your Parenting Skills?

One way to improve your parenting skills is to actively listen to your children. This will better equip you to help them. After listening to them and empathizing with their needs and desires, use discretion when giving them guidelines. Be a good role model for your children, and model the principles you want them to learn and display. It's also important to enforce your household rules consistently.

  1. Take time to listen

    When talking to your children, actually listen to what they're saying. This lets your children know that you care about their concerns.

  2. Exercise sound judgment

    Good judgment means knowing when it's best to say no to your child. Don't give in to a request that you know aren't safe or reasonable for your child just because you want his approval.

  3. Set an example

    Model the behavior you want your kids to exhibit. If you want your children to eat healthier, make sure your diet is balanced. If you want to teach your children to be kind to others, they should see you displaying this behavior.

  4. Enforce your rules

    Establish specific rules for your children, and stick with them. If you change the rules too often, your children will get the impression that the rules you set should not be taken seriously.