Where Can You View Hospital Photos of Newborn Babies?


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Hospital photos of newborn babies are usually found on the hospital's website. Some hospitals have actual photos on display near the birth center, but this is not as popular as it was in the past.

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Many hospitals and birthing centers have begun posting baby photos online. The home page of the hospital often has a direct link to the photos. If the link is not readily apparent, a search for "newborn photos" or "baby photos" may result in the correct page. If neither of these methods work, try performing a search that includes both the facility name and the keywords "baby photos," "newborn photos" or "web nursery." Calling the hospital directly is also a good way to find out the policy and Web location of newborn photos. The hospital's preferred contact number is almost always displayed on its home page.

Some hospitals restrict access to newborn photos. Hospitals may provide new parents with a username and password to view the photos or with a private link. Some parents also decline to have their newborns photographed.

Some hospitals display photos of newborns in a display case or bulletin board that's usually found near the birthing center. Contacting the hospital directly is the best way to find out if and where photos might be displayed.

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