Where Can You Find Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids?

Several websites list fun outdoor activities for kids, including Family Education and Kidspot Activity Center. Family Education provides a list of activities for children between six to 10 years old, while Kidspot sorts their activities by age, starting with infants to kids who are eight years old and slightly older.

On Family Education, ideas are sorted by category. Categories include games, physical activities, gardening, and business activities as well as others. In addition to those two websites, there are also a lot of ideas for outdoor activities on social media websites like Pinterest. Ideas on Pinterest are always changing as users add new activities, so there is always something unique to find.

Outdoor activities are good for children because it gets them outside and moving. Children should be getting a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic activities, such as running, walking or playing sports, should be making up the majority of a child's daily physical activity. In addition, children should also be participating in some kind of strength training such as playing on monkey bars three times a week, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Physical activity is key in preventing obesity in children as well as lowering the risk for developing diabetes and high blood pressure, says the American Heart Association.