How can you encourage teenagers to read current events?


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Some ideas to motivate teenagers to read current event are having teens pick out an article of interest each week to discuss, having them read articles featuring teens and having them look for articles that are useful to them. Another idea is to have teens write an editorial about a current issue that matters to them.

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A strong starting place for getting teenagers interested in reading about current events is having them simply read and discover where their interests are. This can be regular weekly task to pick out one article of interest, followed by a discussion about why the teen chose that article.

Finding articles that feature teens can help them identify with the news, finding people that they admire, learning about how teenagers are taking action within their community and making connections to their own school.

Finding articles that are useful to teens can include looking for reviews of movies or videos, recipes, sports scores and health information. This task may also include finding resource articles on how to use social media in different ways or advice about personal finance that can improve their lives.

Finally, teenagers may engage if asked to write an editorial about an issue that matters to them. For this, they find an interesting topic, such as climate change or police brutality, and write a persuasive essay based on evidence. This can be modeled after editorials that appear in newspapers.

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