How Can You Find an Educational Video of a Baby Being Born?


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BabyCenter and Parents.com both feature educational videos of live births. BabyCenter also hosts an educational video of a simulated birth that shows a cross section view of the baby's path out of the mother's body. Lamaze International hosts educational videos that include still pictures of live births, as seen on the organization's official website.

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How Can You Find an Educational Video of a Baby Being Born?
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BabyCenter's library of live birth videos includes videos of a variety of childbirth experiences, including natural births, induced births, cesarean section deliveries and twin deliveries. The videos each follow one mother as she gives birth. These videos are narrated and transcripts of each video are available. Each video explains the process of birth for the specific type of birth shown, including types and methods of medication and intervention available, according to BabyCenter.

The simulated birth video available on BabyCenter demonstrates the mechanical process of vaginal childbirth, as seen on the website. The video's narration explains the hormonal factors that cause birth to begin and defines terminology used for the birth process, such as the processes of dilation and effacement.

Parents.com hosts videos on birth processes and outcomes with accompanying transcripts, according to the website. Like BabyCenter's videos, some of these show different delivery methods and pain management techniques, like hypnobirthing. Only a few of the videos show a full birth process, and those that do tend to be cesarean section births rather than vaginal births. Lamaze International hosts videos for use by childbirth educators that discuss natural childbirth methods and philosophy. These videos include still pictures of the childbirth process, notes Lamaze International.

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