How Can You Design Your Own Coat of Arms?


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Websites that allow you to design your own coat of arms include AllFamilyCrests.com, MyTribe101.com and MakeYourCoatofArms.com. Traditionally, a coat of arms was employed by medieval knights in order to protect and identify themselves.

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How Can You Design Your Own Coat of Arms?
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To design a coat of arms on MakeYourCoatofArms.com, begin by selecting a shield, or escutcheon, along with its shape and color. Next, insert your family name into the text editor and choose a font and text color. In step three, create a family motto by selecting one from the list or creating your own with the text editor. In the next step, create a set of values with the text editor or choose from the provided selections; font and text color are interchangeable. Next, select one or more symbols to adorn the shield. The site provides an option to print, re-edit or order items featuring the newly created coat of arms.

AllFamilyCrests.com provides descriptions of different shield shape meanings, as well as the meanings of symbols used on coats of arms. Font and text colors are static, and motto content must be created by the user. This site provides the option to order the coat of arms printed on parchment paper.

MyTribe101.com provides you the ability to translate the self-created motto into Latin in addition to choosing shield design, colors and symbols. This site also displays the meanings of shield shapes and colors.

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