How Can I Deal With Family Conflict?


Talking to family members who are involved in the conflict can give everyone a chance to express their feelings, explains Elizabeth Scott, M.S., writing for About. This method is only effective if all parties in the conflict are willing to work out things.

It may simply be best to forgive and forget if relatives are unwilling to communicate peacefully with one another to come up with a resolution to the conflict, suggests Scott. Forgiveness doesn't mean allowing the individual to cause pain and conflict in the family again; rather, it means letting go of the resentment and anger associated with the situation and trying to create a peaceful environment in which everyone feels comfortable. This process is often easier said than done, and it can take time to forgive a family member who has hurt or offended you.

In extreme situations in which the family member has been abusive or very hurtful and shows no signs of remorse, it may be best to cut off that relative. Eliminating the person from your life or having very limited contact may be the best solution, especially if you believe there is a good chance that you will be hurt again after reconciliation with the family member.