How Can You Convince Teens to Stay in School?

can-convince-teens-stay-school Credit: Paul Bradbury/OJO Images/Getty Images

Modern Mom suggests that parents give teens a printout that displays the correlation between salary and education to convince them to stay in school. Discussing poverty and the minimum wage may convince the teen to finish school. Visiting a college campus may give the teen a new perspective by showing him what college life is like.

Parents should let teens know that they should be prepared to enter the real world if they quit school. For example, parents can establish that teens will need to pay for rent, utilities, insurance and groceries if they do not stay in school. Parents should set up a budget with the teen and let him know how much of his paycheck needs to contribute to the household.

Setting up a meeting between the teen and other people who dropped out of school can help inform the teen about the potential challenges he faces. In contrast, parents can arrange a meeting with someone who did graduate from high school to convince the teen to stay in school.

Parents also need to find out why the teen wants to drop out of school. A teen may want to quit school because of bullying, peer pressure, academic problems or boredom. The teen may be interested in a technical or vocational school rather than a traditional high school or university. Alternative and private schools are available for teens who may thrive in a different environment.