Who Can I Complain to About a Neighbor Getting a Day Care License in Massachusetts?


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Complaints about licensed day care providers should be directed to the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. According to the state government's website, all persons who care for other people's children on a regular basis from their own home are required to obtain a Family Child Care License through this department.

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The Department of Early Education and Care investigates all allegations of any violations of child care licensing regulations. These regulations address many situations related to child care, including the background, education and experience of the licensed provider, required activities, number and ages of children allowed and adequacy of the home environment in terms of safety and size. Though the Department of Early Education and Care conducts home visits prior to issuing a license and periodically thereafter, if someone believes a neighbor who operates a day care center out of the home is violating any regulations or standards of care, then a complaint should be made.

If the issues relate more to the nuisance and inconveniences caused by the neighbor opening a day care program out of the home, then a complaint can be made with local officials. Noise complaints can be directed to the police department, for example. The city department that deals with issues of health and safety should receive complaints related to safety concerns.

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