How Can You Go to College While Pregnant?


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Those who wish to attend college while pregnant can attend an online university, take hybrid courses or attend a traditional college. Regardless of the type of school they select, they are entitled to certain protections and perhaps a medical accommodation. If being able to afford college is of concern, there are many scholarship and grant programs, particularly for pregnant women.

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Distance learning is an attractive way to attend college for individuals who have unique circumstances. Because of this growing demand, not only are online schools offering degree programs but many reputable conventional colleges offer distance learning programs as well. The hybrid course option is a combination of distant learning and the traditional college setting. The lectures are primarily online, and the test and labs are in person. Those who are able or prefer to attend a traditional setting, part-time courses and alternative schedule classes can give greater flexibility. They can take classes entirely on weekends, in the evenings or just one day a week.

Lastly, with any college option they choose, they can obtain a temporary medical accommodation. The institution’s health department or disability support services can provide accommodations throughout the pregnancy and after childbirth. This accommodation temporarily grants women the ability to make up assignments, receive extended time for coursework and permission to miss class when needed.

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