How Can You Find Coat of Arms History for an Irish Surname?


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The website Irish Surnames focuses specifically on Irish names and crests, and House of Names provides information on family name history. Some general information and history is free, with an option to pay extra for a more in-depth report on the history of the surnames.

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Irish Surnames has a large database of family name coat of arms. Search through the website's database using a known name, or search for different elements of the crest including the colors, lines, shields, beasts and birds, and symbols. Irish Surnames offers brief history and genealogy information for coats of arms, plus an online store for merchandise that can be printed with any coat of arms in the database.

The website House of Names provides a more in-depth history of family names and their coats of arms. The website offers early history and known origins of family names, historical and contemporary notable individuals with the requested family names, and dates of migration from originating countries. All of the information is offered for free. You can also order an extended history that includes a bibliography, up to 32 pages of extensive history, and a color picture of the coat of arms. House of Names also offers merchandise printed with your coat of arms.

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