How Can You Check on Your Kids by Snooping?


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Some ways parents can check on their kids by snooping is to monitor text messages and cell phone logs, check Web surfing history, read journals and search through dresser drawers. One of the most important responsibilities a parent has is to keep his or her child safe. Sometimes snooping is the best route to take.

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A parent's right to snoop on his or her child is a hotly debated topic. The general consensus, however, is that a parent has that right if he or she suspects the child is in some kind of danger. This could be from drug or alcohol use, questionable friends or suspicious online activity. While most adolescents should be allowed privacy and independence, there are times when it is appropriate for a parent to step in.

If a parent is not comfortable bringing up a sensitive topic such as drugs or other suspicious activity, snooping is a way to gain some concrete evidence prior to confronting the child. For example, if drug use is suspected, a parent can search through dresser drawers or backpacks for evidence. Perhaps a parent suspects inappropriate texting activity. If this is the case, he or she can search through text messages on the child's phone. When, or if, a parent's suspicions are confirmed, this can open dialogue between the parent and child to discuss and correct the questionable behavior.

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