How Can You Build Children's Social Skills?


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To build children's social skills, encourage them to have playdates, which enable them to understand the idea of setting certain rules when friends visit and the importance of politeness to guests. Teach empathy by introducing different situations and asking your child about the feelings of other people who encounter such situations.

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When your child is about to have a playdate, create a plan days before her friend visits, and tell her about different fun activities she can do with her friend. Instruct her to allow her guest to choose one of three activities, and they can take turns selecting their desired activities during the playdate. Explain possible playdate scenarios, and practice greetings and polite actions with her.

Let your child grasp the concept of personal space by explaining that every person needs personal space for comfort. Teach her about proper interaction when playing with other children. Moreover, teach your child how to start a conversation and how to participate in a game played by a group of children.

Demonstrate the idea of taking turns by playing with your child for one hour or more daily and explaining the meaning of waiting, taking turns and sharing. To improve nonverbal skills, let your child watch kid-friendly television shows while the sound is turned off, allowing her to identify facial expressions and body language.

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