How Can I Find My Birth Mother?

How Can I Find My Birth Mother?

To find your birth mother, you will need to know the name of your adoption agency, your birth mother's name and age, your birth date, the name of the county you were born in, and the name of the hospital you were born in. Some of this information is public record, but you might need help gathering all of the information you need.

  1. Talk to your adoptive parents

    Ask your adoptive parents if they have information about your birth mother. It's also a good idea to ask your adoptive parents for your original birth certificate.

  2. Contact the adoption agency

    Contact the adoption agency that arranged your adoption. Send your contact information to the adoption agency. The agency will give your contact information to you birth mother.

  3. Sign up with the adoption reunion agency

    If your state has an adoption reunion agency, sign up to receive your birth mother's contact information. The agency will only provide the information if your birth mother has also registered.

  4. Request your original birth certificate

    Open adoptions states provide original birth certificates. If you were born in an open-adoption state, fill out all of the documents necessary to have your certificate be sent to you.

  5. Go to your county courthouse

    Your county courthouse has records of original birth certificates. Use the county you were born in, the date of your birth, the time of your birth, and the name the hospital you were born in to find your original birth certificate containing your birth mother's name.