How Can I Find My Birth Father for Free?

Searching for your birth father can be a very time consuming process. If you do not have the money to hire a private investigator, there are various free methods you can use to find him.

  1. Make a list of your birth father's personal information

    Speak with your family members to find as much as you can about your father. Find his date of birth, where he was born, Social Security number, any aliases he may use and guesses on where he might currently live. Ask your mother about any information.

  2. Contact your birth father's friends and relatives

    Call up any of your father's relatives who may know his whereabouts. Seek out his friends and acquaintances. Ask about where he worked or where he spent most of his time.

  3. Use free search tools

    Search his name on free search databases to obtain listings that match. Try only his initial with his full name, or use a shortened nickname. Make a list of matches, and call the phone numbers.

  4. Use social networking sites

    Search for your father on social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Type "networking site" into a major search engine to find lesser-known websites that may be helpful.

  5. Narrow down any matches

    Look at profiles to find photos and ages. Do not dismiss any information simply because the listing doesn't have a picture or birth date, as he may want his personal information private.

  6. Perform an online public records search

    Search public records research websites for information such as corporate and property records, tax, birth, marriage, death and land records.

  7. Visit your local courthouse

    Search through public records that are not available on the Internet. Ask the staff to show you how to access public records.