How Can I Find My Biological Mom?

can-biological-mom Credit: Nils Hendrik Mueller/Cultura/Getty Images

Although there are many routes to finding your biological mom, details a typical process. For best results, you need to find records pertaining to your adoption and have access to the Internet.

  1. Search your memory

    Get a pen and paper and write a list of everything you know about your adoption, such as the name of the hospital and the agency that handled the adoption.

  2. Ask your adoptive parents

    Write down everything your adoptive parents know about the adoption. Don't rush this process, for they might remember seemingly insignificant details that turn out to be very important.

  3. Gather official documents

    There's always a lot of paperwork that comes with an adoption, such as amended an birth certificate and decree of adoption. Ask your adoptive parents to contact the appropriate government agencies to obtain any missing documents.

  4. Contact the adoption agency

    Ask the agency or entity that handled your adoption for non-identifying information. The type of information released varies by state, but can include details about all parties to the adoption. These details can be very specific to the birth parents, such as their ages at the time of adoption, and may help you in the search for your birth mother.

  5. Register in state and national reunion registries

    These registries, which you can find online, allow all three parties to the adoption to register with the goal of matching up those who want to be reunited.

  6. Gain the services of a Confidential Intermediary

    If your state allows it and you have enough money, a Confidential Intermediary can contact your biological mom to see if she wants to talk to you.