How Can You Babysit for Money?


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It is possible to earn money by babysitting. Starting at age 14, it is possible to have a babysitting career, especially with the use of websites, such as Care.com. It is beneficial to take safety courses, such as CPR and first aid, to be more marketable to prospective customers. Some areas have babysitter courses that teach childcare basics.

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Along with experience, courses and education can also improve income. Get experience with free jobs first, by taking care of young siblings, relatives and children of friends without charging. This also provides references for future potential customers to contact for information. Joining babysitter advertisement sites is a good way to bring in customers.

A potential babysitter should enjoy being around kids, have the time to babysit, and be creative. Creativity helps keep children occupied and entertained through activities, and it also helps when advertising by creating community notices and writing resumes.

Babysitting is a gateway to other sources of income, such as pet sitting, working in day cares and house cleaning or sitting. These use a lot of the same skills, such as time management, cleaning and childcare. Expanding a babysitting business to include other services provides more opportunities to learn skills and earn money.

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