Where Can You Find Free Baby Items?

New parents can find free baby items secondhand on online classified sites, as samples from manufacturers, as gifts from friends and family, when signing up for registries or mailing lists at retailers, and from other parents who no longer need the items. Parents should carefully inspect used items to ensure they meet current safety standards.

Many new parents receive gifts from their friends and family members. Finding someone who is willing to host a baby shower for new parents increases the potential number of gifts for the new baby. Several department stores offer free items or gift cards to people who create a gift registry. Manufacturers of baby items such as diapers, formula and toiletries often offer samples to new parents to help them find out which brands they prefer before purchasing supplies.

Online classified sites such as Craigslist and Freecycle are good places to find used items, but the free items that are in good condition go quickly. Parents who don't want to spend money may be able to make trades for needed items. Another good source of free baby items is parents whose children are older. They are often happy to get rid of things to free up space in their own homes.