Can Babies Eat Strawberries?


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Babies can be introduced to berries at 6 months of age, according to What To Expect, a website that accompanies a book series of the same name. However, the site recommends that families with a history of allergies should check with their doctor before feeding a small child berries.

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When introducing a new food, it is advisable to wait three days before introducing other new foods, recommends BabyCenter. This helps to pinpoint the cause of any allergic reactions. With each new food, parents should always look for signs of an allergic reaction such as difficulty breathing, rashes, vomiting or swelling of the lips, tongue or face. Should an allergic reaction occur, parents should immediately call 911. Under the age of 3, babies and toddlers are at a heightened risk for choking, so cutting berries into half-inch pieces reduces this danger, BabyCenter suggests.

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