How Can You Adopt a Child in Idaho?


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To adopt a child in Idaho, contact a social worker, schedule an initial orientation meeting, complete an adoptive parent application, go through 27-hour training sessions, and pass a home assessment to get a license and approval. Applicants must pass background checks and schedule meetings with foster support groups.

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Prospective parents in Idaho begin the adoption process by requesting adoption information from Idaho's Department of Health and Welfare. The department sends a social worker who answers questions on adoption and signs up potential foster parents for an initial orientation meeting. The meeting familiarizes you with the adoption process, the children who need care, and the responsibilities of foster parents. The meeting also outlines the challenges of foster parenthood and the backgrounds of the children who need care.

After the initial orientation meeting, a social worker takes you through the application process. The application requires you to provide personal details and apply for a background check. When the Department of Health and Welfare approves your application, register for the foster/adoption training where you create rapport with the adoption agency and develop as a resource parent. After this training, a social worker comes to your home to assess your family relationships, living conditions, and the support system you have available. When you pass the assessment, the department approves your application and gives you an adoption license.

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