How Do I Calculate the Cost of Day Care?

How Do I Calculate the Cost of Day Care?


When calculating the cost of child care, there are a number of variables to consider. These variables include location, type of child care wanted, the child's age, and the amount of hours needed per week.

Child care costs vary from place to place. The best way to determine the child care costs in a specific area is to first research child care costs in the area by reaching out to other parents and caregivers and comparing what they pay for child care.

The type of child care needed determines the cost as well. In-home child care, whether in the child's home or the home of the caregiver, can be an option which allows the child to have the experience of staying home with a caregiver without having to be in a day care facility. The cost of in-home child care is generally lower than a day care facility.

The younger the child is, the greater the child care cost will be. Newborn, infant, and toddler-age children cost more because they require more attention and care. The cost per child does go down as the child gets older.

The amount of hours during which the child will need care also affects the cost of care. The more hours per week that are needed, the higher the cost.