How Do You Burp a Baby?


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There are many different ways to burp a baby. It all depends on the child in question and what techniques work the best on it. One popular way is to hold the baby on the chest.

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How Do You Burp a Baby?
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  1. Place a towel on your shoulder

    Find an old towel or cloth and drape it over your shoulder. When burping a baby, they often spit-up a bit, which can be messy. Protect yourself from flying fluids by planning ahead.

  2. Support the baby against you

    Positioning is essential when burping a baby. Hold the child against your chest so that its chin is on your shoulder. Alternatively, hold the baby a little higher so that its belly rests on your shoulder instead. Make sure the baby is comfortable and not slumped over too much.

  3. Rub the baby's back

    Using one hand, gently pat or rub the baby's back to coax out a burp. The pressure on the baby's belly helps to push out the burp. Be soft with your patting so you do not harm the child.

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