How Do You Breastfeed?

How Do You Breastfeed?

Lay your baby facing your stomach, bring her head towards your breast, get her to open up her mouth and stick your breast in as far as you can. If you hear your baby gulping milk or see her pull her chin downward, pause so her mouth can fill with milk and swallow, then she is latched correctly.

  1. Lay your baby in your arms with her face and stomach facing your stomach

    Use a breastfeeding pillow, such as a Boppy, if it is more comfortable then feeding her in your arms.

  2. Bring your nipple to the baby’s mouth, and gently rest it on her upper lip

    Give her this cue to open up her mouth. If her mouth does not open wide enough, try again. If she is sleeping, wake her up a little so she can open up wider.

  3. Put your nipple in her mouth as far as possible

    Bring her head forward, at the same time, in an attempt to get as much of your areola in as you can.

  4. Let her feed as long as she needs to

    Recognize when the feeding is over by watching how her sucks become infrequent or are no longer strong enough to suck milk. Use your pinkie finger to unlatch her by putting it between her gums and your breast.