How Do I Find My Birth Father?

How Do I Find My Birth Father?

Searching for your biological father is not easy. However, you can make the journey easier by taking time to research relevant information, reviewing state laws, registering for all applicable assistance on- and off-line, and seeking professional help from a private detective if required./

  1. Gather relevant information

    Start with your birth father's full name, age and birth date. Check your birth certificate to see if your father's name is listed.

  2. Review state laws

    Research your state's laws about searching for biological parents. File a request to obtain your father's information.

  3. Register for reunion registries

    Find out if your state has a registry in which you can enter your personal details in case your biological father is searching for your information. Choose a privately-owned reunion registry if this option is not available in your state.

  4. Collect information from other people

    Contact family members and other individuals who may have known your father in the past. Talk to people in areas where he spent most of his time. Look for people who have the same last name in any area he may have lived in.

  5. Use a records search site

    Perform your search by using a people-search site. Search for recent addresses, telephone numbers and public records information, such as lawsuits and bankruptcy information, liens or judgments he may have against him. Check marriage and death records.

  6. Search social-networking sites

    Search on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social-networking sites where millions of people willingly disclose personal information.

  7. Hire a private investigator

    Provide the private investigator with any information you have if you were not successful. Make sure you hire a certified private investigator.