What Is "the Birds and the Bees" Talk?


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The "birds and the bees" talk is a conversation about sex. It is the discussion parents have with their children to explain the facts and dispel the myths surrounding the human recreation process.

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Dr. Petra Boynton of The Telegraph suggests having short age-appropriate conversations with children about feelings and relationships before they start asking questions about sex. This could make the "birds and the bees talk" easier. The talk about sex should answer the child's questions concerning sexuality, and parents may want to tackle this topic from several different angles. For instance, children may have questions about their changing bodies and want to know what makes boys different from girls.

Alternatively, a son or daughter could have questions about romantic feelings experienced for the first time. Some kids also may want to know where babies come from and how children are created. In these cases, it may be helpful to get books from the library. The books often contain pictures that can help to explain the concepts of intimacy and fertilization of a woman's egg. Looking for teachable moments to give a short description of certain aspects of sexuality may be easier for younger children. These moments also may make the experience less awkward for parents.

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