How Do You Find Your Biological Mother?


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To locate a biological parent, contact the attorney, adoption agency or state that facilitated your adoption as well as checking your state's adoption reunion registry. Gather as much personal information as possible before contacting any organization, including your birth certificate and any known information about the circumstances of your birth or your birth parents.

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The agency or state that handled your adoption can provide your non-identifying information; the type of information available varies by state, but it typically include the health status, medical history, ethnic origins or height of your biological parents. Registering with a larger reunion registry such as the International Soundex Reunion Registry can increase your chances of finding your biological mother.

Some states have open adoption records that provide more information about adopted children's biological parents. If you know the hospital, county and state in which you were born as well as the date and time of your birth, the county courthouse can provide possible birth certificates that contain the biological mother's name.

Adopted.com provides a paid service to help individuals search for their family members, such as children looking for their biological mothers. However, for the service to work, both people must be searching for each other.

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