What Is Better Kid Care Online Training?

Better Kid Care online training is a set of lessons in professional child care made available for individuals who care for children and want to continue developing their skills, states PSU.edu. As of 2015, the lessons are available through Penn State's On Demand Web portal.

The On Demand portal hosts coursework and lessons for all of Penn State's internet-based Better Kid Care lessons. As of 2015, this consists of a set of more than 200 modules that are all free to view. There is a $5 fee for taking the final assessment test to receive a certificate of completion for the program.

Penn State organizes the lessons into areas including child growth and development, environment and curriculum, family engagement and support, child assessment, professionalism, health, safety and nutrition. There is a wide range of available lessons to explore including the following.

  • A Good Night’s Sleep: How Sleep Affects Health
  • Achieving 21st Century Skills Through Project-Based Learning
  • Activities for Learning Math: Numbers, Colors, and Shapes
  • Are You Ready for a Child with Special Needs?
  • Avoid Behavior Problems: Teaching Self-Control
  • Child Care for Mixed Ages

Child care providers interested in signing up for these lessons can find more information on the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences Extension website at PSU.edu. Scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on Better Kid Care under the Youth and Family header.