What Are the Benefits of Virtual Nursery Babies for Soon-to-Be-Mothers and Fathers?


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Expectant mothers and fathers can practice their parenting skills on virtual nursery babies. Besides learning basic care techniques such as feeding, rocking and changing diapers, virtual babies are also teaching tools for soon-to-be parents in respect to proper holding techniques, head support and car seat safety, according to realityworks.com.

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A virtual baby is a great educational tool useful for teaching expectant parents about infant health and wellness, parenting skills and child abuse prevention, states realityworks.com. Typically, virtual babies are equipped with electronic simulators that keep track of expectant parents' levels of success or failure in practically all aspects of child care. Virtual babies are also an excellent way for nervous parents to screen potential day care providers, as they can see how a potential babysitter handles the virtual baby before trusting the person with their own child.

It is imperative for all expectant parents to be educated in the dangers of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). Approximately 25 percent of shaken baby victims die from their injuries, according to virtualparenting.com. This is a further benefit of virtual babies, as their simulators monitor and explain potential SBS injuries. In turn, virtual babies help soon-to-be mothers and fathers develop coping skills by helping them create a plan for managing an inconsolable baby and educating them in safe calming techniques.

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