What Are the Benefits to Giving Kids Prepaid Phones?


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A benefit of giving a child a prepaid phone is the ability to stay in touch without the high cost of a monthly cellphone bill, according to Stefanie Olsen for The New York Times. With many prepaid phones, a parent can simply purchase a card with a set amount of minutes and not have to purchase more until those minutes run out. One card might last several months.

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While a post paid cellphone has the same safety benefits of a prepaid phone, parents must pay the bill on a post paid phone every month, whether the child uses the phone or not. This makes prepaid phones a more cost-effective way to keep track of children when they are at school or out with friends.

Some cellular providers also offer family locator services for an additional fee, and there are GPS applications that a parent can download to help keep track of a child, even when the child does not answer the phone. These services are usable as long as the WiFi on the phone is activated. Another benefit of prepaid phones is that they are often cheaper than post paid phones. While a post paid phone may cost hundreds of dollars or require a two-year service agreement, prepaid smartphones are available for less than $50.

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