What Are the Benefits of Being a Single Parent?

benefits-being-single-parent Credit: Tetra Images/Jessica Peterson/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Benefits of single parenting include regular time off from parenting if visitation is a part of the mix, the ability to make decisions about parenting and financial matters without consulting a spouse, the chance to focus more fully on the children rather than on the needs of a spouse and the absence of conflict. Many of these are beneficial for the children as well.

Being a single parent may help adults feel confident and competent by being fully responsible for the care of their children. Single parenting may teach parents to do things they wouldn't necessarily do if they were married, such as to stand up for their children or make repairs around the house. The single parent's time is freed up to spend with children in a more healthy way, which promotes bonding.

One big benefit of single parenting as a result of divorce is the absence of the failed marriage itself, and a single parent knows the children are spared exposure to parental conflict, which can have lasting negative consequences. Children get a close-up view of how a household is run and often play a bigger part in it. They learn self-sufficiency and determination. Studies show that children from single-parent households do better in life than those raised in two-parent households filled with conflict.