What Does a Behavior Plan Contain?


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A behavior plan is a tool used in the management of inappropriate behaviors. The plan replaces negative behaviors with specific positive ones. Successful behavior plans include clear tactics and strategies involved in achieving the goals, coupled with a reward system to acknowledge progress.

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A behavior plan outlines current negative behaviors and strategies for overcoming them. They are used to teach and reinforce positive behaviors in individuals who require explicit behavior instruction. To achieve positive behavior outcomes, the behavior plan must be clear and detail-oriented.

The process of creating a behavior plan is straightforward. First, identify the inappropriate or undesirable behavior. Determine which antecedents or triggers occurred just before the negative behavior was displayed and whether there are ways to avoid these triggers. If not, decide if it is possible to channel the reaction into a positive behavior using the behavior plan. Next, specify the replacement behavior. Finally, create a list of steps to achieve the replacement behavior.

These steps should be incremental and gradual. Each step must be achievable with the help of others. As each step is reached, a reward should be provided. The goal of the behavior plan is replace a negative behavior with a positive one. Ideally, once the desired behavior is reached, the behavior plan is no longer needed.

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