How Do You Become a Home Daycare Provider?

How Do You Become a Home Daycare Provider?

Providing day care can be a lucrative and rewarding career if you enjoy taking care of young children. As a day care provider, you render a valuable service to parents of young children.

  1. Check state and local regulations

    You must comply with local and state regulations pertaining to providing child care from home. Your business must adhere to fire codes, safety regulations, health standards and zoning laws.

  2. Make sure your home meets these requirements

    After you examine your home carefully to determine any needed changes, your next step is making these alterations to meet code and regulation standards. You should become familiar with regulations that may also include food preparation standards, sanitation, emergency procedures and record keeping.

  3. Submit to background checks

    You should contact the appropriate law enforcement office to get fingerprinted. Make sure your staff submits to background checks as well.

  4. Obtain all relevant insurance coverage

    You must purchase liability insurance to protect against any injuries and accidents involving the children in your day care. Each state has specific insurance coverage requirements.

  5. Develop a contractual agreement

    You should have your contract reviewed by a legal professional prior to offering your service. Your contract should include the services you plan to provide in your day care facility, the costs and the payment structure, the hours of service, any cancellation policies and all emergency procedures.