How Do I Become Assertive in a Preschool Classroom?


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Behavior Advisor provides many ways to become more assertive in a preschool classroom, including developing four or five specific rules that can be easily understood by students. This approach involves abandoning the idea that student misbehavior is acceptable for any non-biological reason.

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After developing your handful of specific rules, create three to six specific consequences for misbehavior. These consequences should ascend in order of severity or restriction, and they should only be implemented if it's impossible to resolve the discipline problem through communication with the child. Develop a list of positive rewards for when children follow the rules or excel in other ways in the classroom. These rewards can range from verbal praise to raffle tickets to a daily classroom prize drawing. Consider developing group rewards that offer something to the entire class as a way of encouraging widespread adherence to the rules. After developing all of the individual rules, be sure to inform students of these policies and review them throughout the year. Also, have students take a printed copy of the rules to their parents or guardians so that they can read, understand and discuss the rules together. In this printout, request parental help in maintaining an orderly class.

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