What Are Some Babysitting Craft Ideas?


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Craft ideas for a babysitter include eatable necklaces, wooden spoon puppets, paper chains, collage and many more. It is best for a babysitter to do crafts that are easy to make and do not require a lot of preparation or clean-up. Babysitters should avoid using glitter as it gets everywhere and is very difficult to clean up.

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A babysitter should choose crafts that are appropriate to the ages of the children she is babysitting. If a child finds the activity too boring or difficult, he might not want to do it. With very small children, a babysitter can use Play-Doh, coloring, paper chains, cereal necklaces and finger-painting. Crafts for older children include activities such as creative writing, collage, papier m?ch?, spoon puppets and pop-up puppets. Other choices include storytelling, debating and music activities. Babysitters should consider the time and space available to them when choosing crafts.

Crafts are not only a good way to use the time while babysitting but can also play an important role in children's development since they allow children to be creative and to express themselves. A babysitter should initiate crafts that are simple and fun so that the children are motivated and interested in doing them.

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