Why Does My Baby Sweat a Lot?

baby-sweat-lot Credit: Arthur Tilley/Stockbyte/Getty Images

If a baby sweats a lot, the causes may range from an underdeveloped nervous system to a room kept too warm at night to possible health issues. Because babies spend more time sleeping than the average adult, sweating during sleep is normal, says BabyCenter. However, if a baby sweats excessively during the day, it is important to visit the pediatrician to rule out a health problem, says Parenting Magazine.

Because babies' nervous systems, which control body temperature, are not fully developed, sweating during sleep is common. Even so, it is wise to ensure the baby's room is cool and that the baby is dressed appropriately for bed, as high body temperatures can pose a risk for sudden infant death syndrome, according to Parenting Magazine. This is especially true for children six months of age or younger. Experts recommend keeping the room at 68 to 72 degrees.

If a baby seems to sweat excessively at non-resting times, Parenting Magazine recommends visiting the child's pediatrician. Excessive sweating can be a sign of heart or thyroid problems, breathing problems or a genetic disorder. Babycenter lists infections as another potential cause of excessive sweating, and also recommends that a concerned parent take the baby to a pediatrician.