How Do You Get a Baby to Sleep Using a Worn Shirt?

baby-sleep-using-worn-shirt Credit: Marina Raith/Picture Press/Getty Images

Keep fabric, whether it is a shirt, the baby's pajamas or a small cloth, close to your skin long enough for the material to pick up your scent. Then, place the item in the child's crib or put the pajamas on the baby. Watch the child carefully if you place a shirt or blanket in the child's crib to keep the baby from choking. In just a few hours, you can provide your child with additional sleeping comfort.

  1. Wear the worn shirt

    Wear the shirt for at least a few hours so that the fabric picks up your natural scent. For greater intensity, sleep in the shirt for a few nights so that your scent saturates the shirt. You can also do this with the baby's pajamas or a small cloth. Wear the small items close to your body for a few days so that they smell like you.

  2. Place the shirt in the baby's crib

    Place the shirt near the baby in the crib. Place smaller articles of clothing between the mattress and the fitted sheet in the crib. This allows your baby to smell your natural scent while sleeping, which brings the infant a sense of comfort.

  3. Exercise safety precautions

    Make sure that the child is secure in the shirt. Arrange the fabric to prevent it from becoming a choking hazard, by keeping it snug and away from the child's head.