When Is a Baby's Fever or High Temperature Considered Serious?


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A newborn baby's fever is serious and should be reported to a doctor if it exceeds 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, according to MedlinePlus. A serious fever for a baby who is 3 to 12 months old is one that exceeds 102.2 degrees F.

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When Is a Baby's Fever or High Temperature Considered Serious?
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A parent should contact the doctor if the child is under two years of age and the fever has lasted longer than 48 hours, explains MedlinePlus. A fever of 105 degrees F or higher is considered serious for any child under two.

Parents should call 911, according to MedlinePlus, if a child has any of these symptoms in addition to a fever: seizures, rashes and bruises, difficulty breathing, unconsciousness or inability to move in some way. A stiff neck, a very bad headache, blue lips, tongue or nails, and uncontrollable crying are other symptoms that should not be coupled with a fever and that merit an ambulance call if they exist together.

A feverish child should be taken to the emergency room if he has been having a fever on and off for a week; if he has other symptoms, such as nausea or a cough, in addition to the fever; and if he has a serious medical condition or has recently had vaccinations, notes MedlinePlus. A doctor should be called for a feverish infant who has not urinated for eight hours; who acts dazed or uncomfortable after the fever goes down; who cannot produce tears while crying; or whose fever symptoms keep returning.

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