What Are Some Facts About a Baby's Development at 7 Months?

By the end of 6 months, or the beginning of 7 months, babies start to recognize familiar faces, respond to sounds by making sounds and bring things to their mouths. Infants can start walking while holding an adult's hand and begin to crawl. However, if your infant does not do certain things, like respond to sounds, or has a hard time putting things in their mouth, contact your doctor.

Infants who are 7 months old like to look at themselves in the mirror, respond to the emotions of others and are general happy. Playtime with parents and others is also crucial.

Some language milestones at 7 months include taking turns making sounds with parents. Infants can also respond to their own name as well. Other milestones are making sounds to show pleasure and make sounds using consonants with m or b.

In terms of cognitive development, babies at 7 months can look at things nearby and pass objects from one hand to the other. Babies also get curious about close objects and try to reach for things that are out of reach.

In terms of physical milestones, infants can sit alone without support and roll from back to stomach. While on their stomach, infants can raise their arms, look around and reach for objects.