What Are Some Baby Games for Kids?


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Some baby games for kids include the online games "Laugh and Learn Shapes," "Little People Online Coloring" and "Healthy Food Hunt," available from the Fisher-Price website. Games to play at home with a baby include peek-a-boo, patty cake and playing with fabrics to develop sensory skills.

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Parents can hand their babies different fabrics to let them feel different textures and develop their sensory skills. Fabrics to try include satin, velvet, burlap and corduroy. The fabric game provides a developmental step in infant learning and allows a child to explore sensory and motor skills.

Parents can access many online, developmental games for their children at the Fisher-Price website, including levels for infant, toddler and preschool ages. Available infant games include the "Learn and Laugh Animal Game" where infants learn to identify animals by sight and sound. This game receives four out of five stars by Fisher-Price users. Other infant games include the "ABC Zoo Animals Game," which teaches infants to associate a letter with an animal name that begins with the same letter, such as "A" for alligator. This game also receives four out of five stars, as of 2015.

Toddler games available on the Fisher-Price website include matching games, coloring charts, puzzles and animal explorer games. Preschool games include interactive games that teach healthy food choices, ocean adventures and "Let's Play Piano," which teaches children elemental rules of music.

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