Why Do Babies Spit up Through Their Noses?


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When babies eat, they inhale a large amount of air and milk. The air builds up and has to escape. This leads to air and milk exiting through the mouth and nose, according to WebMD.

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Babies eat a lot in comparison to their size. Some babies like to eat more than others. Sometimes, this causes an overflow, which is part of the reason why babies spit up so often. Spitting up is part of the process of a baby learning how to feed, notes BabyCenter.

There are quite a few ways to stop an infant from spitting up. One way to reduce spit up is to check the size of the nipple on the bottle. If the hole is too small, the baby sucks in too much air. If the hole is too large, the baby sucks in too much milk. Another way to reduce spit up is to burp the baby after every feeding. This helps to reduce the buildup of air in the stomach. Also, do not move the baby around too much after feeding and keep him in an upright position for at least an hour. This helps gravity do its work and keeps food in the stomach. Overfeeding is also something to avoid to prevent spit up. If the baby throws up after every feeding, he could be getting too much food, according to BabyCenter.

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