What Is the Average Weight of a 14-Month-Old Baby?

average-weight-14-month-old-baby Credit: Ann Marie Kurtz/E+/Getty Images

The average weight for a 14-month-old is about 22 pounds, which is in the 50th percentile. The typical range for a 14-month-old baby is anywhere from 19 to 27 pounds, according to Healthy Families BC.

It is important to remember that babies grow at different rates and experience growth spurts at different times. From birth to 12 months, a baby typically gains from two and a half to three times his body weight. From 12 to 24 months, a toddler gains an average of three to five pounds, according to Healthy Families BC.

A healthy body weight can be obtained by combining healthy foods including fruits, vegetables and whole grains with an active lifestyle.