What Is Attachment Parenting?


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Attachment parenting is a method of parenting that embraces love and develops a stronger bond between a mother and her baby. Principles are prepare for pregnancy, feed with love and respect, respond with sensitivity, use nurturing touch, engage in nighttime parenting, provide constant care, practice positive discipline, and strive for balance in personal and family life.

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Those who support and practice attachment parenting follow these principles to the best of their ability, and claim that the results of successful attachment parenting, as opposed to stricter and more forceful forms of parenting, are noticeable in older children. Advocates of attachment parenting believe security, confidence, independence, and greater empathy towards others are encouraged by this child rearing method.

Parents should remove negative thoughts about the pregnancy, even if it was unexpected or unwanted. Mothers are encouraged to remain positive about the miracle of life stirring within their bodies and the process of parenting that lies ahead. When tantrums erupt, parents are encouraged to remain calm and understanding and allow their children to express their emotions instead of dismissing them. Proponents of attachment parenting are strong supporters of breastfeeding, as it helps to build a stronger bond between the mother and her baby. Maximum skin-to-skin contact during the day, and during bathtime, is extremely important, since babies react to physical touch in a deeply emotional and psychological way.

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