How Do You Appreciate Being a Parent?


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Parents can appreciate their special status in life by using it as an opportunity to enjoy activities usually restricted to children, revisiting their childhood passions and memories with their children and bonding with other parents. Although all parents have bad days with their children, remembering the good days and knowing that more good days are to come helps develop an appreciation for parenthood.

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One way to appreciate being a parent is to dive in to children's activities that adults typically do not get to do. These might include building pillow forts, playing in bounce houses, eating pizza for breakfast, having slumber parties with the kids or pitching a tent for an indoor campout.

Parents often greatly enjoy introducing their children to the books and movies they themselves loved as children. A visit to a library can become an opportunity to revisit books the parent hasn't read in many years, and a boring evening can turn into a chance to watch an animated classic a parent would never watch alone. When parents tell their children stories about their own childhood experiences, they come to appreciate their own parents and their role in passing on family history.

Parents also develop an appreciation for parenthood by spending time with other moms and dads. Sharing war stories reminds parents that the hard times they go through are not unique to them and provides perspective that lets them laugh at the difficult days.

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