How Do You Apply for a Space at the Bright Horizons Day Care?

A parent can apply for a spot at Bright Horizons Child Care Center by submitting an application to the local center. According to Bright Horizons, applicants can find a center using their location search function on the company's website.

Bright Horizons allows parents to register for up to three centers in their location. Parents must fill out an application and pay the registration fee to begin the enrollments process. If there is not a spot available for the child, then the child can be placed on the wait list.

Once the child has been accepted into Bright Horizons, the parent must take a tour of the center, fill out the remaining enrollment papers, pay the first month's tuition and schedule the trial period. Children are required to have a trial period for the first week that allows the child to adjust to the daily routine at Bright Horizons.

Bright Horizons provides childcare for infants up through primary school. "The World at Their Fingertips" is the curriculum in place at Bright Horizons. Bright Horizon teachers encourage activities that fit the personality of the child while maintaining a stable schedule. Each child is challenged both creatively and intellectually. Bright Horizons provides back-up care and after school care as well.