How Do You Apply for Adoption in South Carolina?

How Do You Apply for Adoption in South Carolina?

To apply for adoption in South Carolina, contact the regional adoption office in the county or call 888-828-3555. The regional office will provide guidance on the requirements and give an application package. More information can be obtained by visiting the South Carolina Department of Social Services website, notes AdoptUSKids.

To successfully make an application, the adopting parent must be at least 21 years old, states AdoptUSKids. Below are some of the steps involved in applying for adoption.

  1. Contact the regional office
  2. Visit a regional office to make inquiries regarding adoption. The office will provide an application package. Fill in all the details required in the application form. Ensure accuracy and submit the application for verification.

  3. Attend a preparatory training
  4. Attend the 14-hour preparatory training. This training is used to help in evaluating the needs of the adopting family against the needs of the children on the waiting list.

  5. Accept home evaluation
  6. Allow the various officials, including those from the fire department and adoption specialists, to conduct inspections and determine suitability of the home.

  7. Complete the judicial stage
  8. Attend a court hearing to make the adoption legal. Because adoption is a lifelong process, counseling and certain referral services are made available to the family upon making a formal request.