How Do Alberta, Canada's Oil Sands Impact the American Economy?


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The harnessing of the oil sands in Alberta, Canada, is directly responsible for job growth in America. Oil sands development may generate up to $521 billion in economic activity for America over the next quarter century, according to the official Government of Alberta website.

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The same source notes that for every two jobs created by oil sands development in Alberta, a single additional job appears in the United States. These include refinery jobs for processing oil sands into useful forms and the creation of pipelines and infrastructure to support the growth of the industry. California's Silicon Valley produces much of the software that powers oil sands development north of the border, and the large trucks used in the extraction of the oil sands come mostly from American companies. Nearly three-quarters of the oil the United States imports from Canada, its largest oil supplier, comes from the oil sands.

The development of the oil sands in Alberta also relies heavily on advancements from the United States in the form of water-treatment technologies, processing equipment and many other goods and services that are imported across the border. The Government of Alberta breaks down how each individual state benefits from oil sands development on its informational website.

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